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Lab-grown meat, clean or dirty?

Who doesn’t want the food they eat to be clean? That may have been what the people behind the Good Food Institute (GFI) were thinking earlier this week when they announced their inten...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Apr 13, 2020

Lab grown meat closer than we think!

Growing meat without animals may one day become easier using scaffolds made of soy, a new study finds.

In Lab-Grown Meat, Mar 30, 2020

Beyond Local and Lab-Grown Meat

The world is facing a major food and water crisis, so the novelty of lab-grown meat provides an enticing and seemingly sustainable solution for North American meat consumption.

In Lab-Grown Meat, Mar 15, 2020

The cultivation of lab-grown meat

Lab-grown meats have not been as widely publicized as plant-based meat alternatives such as Impossible Burger or Beyond Meat. Free from media attention, Memphis Meats has been at work.

In Lab-Grown Meat, Mar 10, 2020

Lab-grown meat could be on store shelves soon

Companies like Memphis Meats, Aleph Farms, Higher Steaks, Mosa Meat and Meatable are all trying to bring to supermarkets around the world meat made from cultivated animal cells, but t...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Feb 10, 2020

Cultured, cell-based or lab-grown?

The debate over what to call cell-cultured meat remains unresolved-and it could soon develop into a headache for the global lab-grown meat technology startups working to bring clean m...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Feb 01, 2020