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Future Meat Technologies raises record-breaking $347 million in Series B funding, while reducing cost of cultivated chicken to $7.70 per pound

Future Meat Technologies, (Future Meat), the first industry-leading company developing innovative technology to produce cultivated meat, announced that it has raised $347 million in S...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Dec 17, 2021

Matrix Meats and the world of 3D Scaffolding

Matrix Meats is a company based in Columbus, Ohio that produces nanofiber cell scaffolding.It’s their “bread and butter”. So why should you care? Well, in short, lab-grown meats needs...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Aug 20, 2021

How to invest in Lab-Grown Meat

Predictions state Lab-Grown Meat will become a common sight in grocery stores across the world within the next few years. The quiet revolution has been happening and may soon explode ...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Stocks, Finance, Jun 16, 2021

Memphis Meats Rebrands as 'UPSIDE Foods' & Announces First Consumer Lab-Grown Chicken

Memphis Meats has been at the forefront of the rise of the lab-grown meat industry, but now it has rebranded and renamed itself as ‘UPSIDE Foods.’

In Lab-Grown Chicken, Cultured Chicken, May 17, 2021

What is 3D Bioprinting and how does it work?

MeatTech3d, whose head of business development Simon Fried was recently interviewed, has made huge strides within the cellular agriculture industry through its 3D-printed clean meat p...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Bioprinting, Bioink, Feb 23, 2021

Human cultured-meat and the perfect steak - an interview with Simon Fried of MeaTech3d

MeaTech3d is a startup based in Israel with a goal of producing the first lab-grown steak. Their process involves the use of 3D bio-printing and inhouse produced bio-ink, the end prod...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, MeaTech3d, Feb 08, 2021

Can Lab-Grown Meat Save the Foie Gras From Public Scrutiny?

When dining at an exclusive restaurant, you may come across foie gras on the menu. It is a high-priced gourmet delicacy that has existed for many years. Foie Gras is fattened goose or...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Jan 10, 2021

Different Techniques Used to Improve the Texture for Lab-Grown Meat

One of the main challenges in the cultured meat industry is finding methods of mimicking meat musculature. It is very likely that the initial lab-grown meat products will be able to e...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Jan 10, 2021

Lab-Grown Meat Tackles the Looming Threat of Antibiotic Resistance

One of the growing reasons lab-grown meat is beneficial for society is that it can be produced in a controlled environment without the use of antibiotics or pesticides. Hannah Tait, t...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Antibiotics, Dec 14, 2020

Is Lab-Grown Meat Genetically Modified?

GMO refers to genetically modified organisms—living organisms with genetic material that has been artificially manipulated with genetic engineering. The majority of GMOs have been eng...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, GMO, Dec 09, 2020