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Is Lab-Grown Meat Genetically Modified?

GMO refers to genetically modified organisms—living organisms with genetic material that has been artificially manipulated with genetic engineering. The majority of GMOs have been eng...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, GMO, Dec 09, 2020

Who is Eat Just, Inc? - The First Approved Lab-Grown Meat Producer

You may have seen the name ‘JUST’ or ‘Eat Just’ in the lab-grown meat news headlines. That’s because they’ve taken the historic title of becoming the very first lab-grown meat produce...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Lab-Grown Chicken, Cultured Meat, Investing, Dec 03, 2020

Lab-Grown Meat Stakeholders Urge USDA for Labelling Laws

Groups representing stakeholders in the lab-grown meat and cultured meat industry have urged regulators to support mandatory labeling of all cell-based meat products.

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Oct 27, 2020

U.S. Government Invests in Lab-Grown Meat Research for The First Time

The University of California has received a $3.55 million grant from The National Science Foundation for cell-based, lab-grown meat research. The funding provided by the United States...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Oct 27, 2020

The first lab-grown meat for sale could come from this Singapore startup that’s re-creating shrimp

In an industrial corner of Singapore, multiplying steadily in bioreactors heated precisely to 82 degrees, real shrimp meat is being grown from samples of the crustacean’s microscopic ...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Oct 10, 2020

Top 10 Stocks to Invest in Lab-Grown Meat - 2024 Update

Lab-grown meat stocks are very exciting for anyone who wants to invest in an industry that could explode into a revolution. It’s projected to reach a value of $1.99 billion by 2035. A...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Stocks, Finance, Sep 23, 2020

List of Companies Creating Lab-Grown Meat

Lab-grown meat companies, or cultured meat companies, are considered some of the hottest start-ups around today. It’s an industry that could revolutionize the world.

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, Sep 23, 2020

Germany's youth are open to Cultured Meat

Studies have revealed that young people in Germany are willing to try cultured meat as an alternative to conventional animal meat.

In Lab-Grown Meat, Cultured Meat, May 31, 2020

Meat shortages causing mass cull of livestock

America is on the cusp of a meat shortage. Plants are being shutdown due to COVID-19, causing many grocery stores to see empty shelves and increased meat prices. As the plants shutter...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Apr 29, 2020

Consumers willing to pay 40% more for Lab-Grown Meat

An exciting new study from Maastricht University shows that consumers are willing to pay a premium for lab-grown meat. Maastricht University is where the world’s first cultured hambur...

In Lab-Grown Meat, Apr 22, 2020